Friday 25 May 2018

ATLS Promulgation in Nigeria- The background history

ATLS FACULTY MEETINGThe process of ATLS importation in Nigeria started in …………….. when the Emergency Response International approached the ATLS subcommittee. ERI that was supplying the oil industries relevant health person was shocked to realize that Nigeria doctors were not allowed to handle certain emergency conditions especially when it involved the expatriates. A further inuiry revealed that the Nigeria healthcare providers were notn certified in ATLS and other resuscitation courses.ERI therefore went off in search of these programs abroad. ERI was able to bring in ACLS, BLS, and PALS of the American Heart Association in 2003. ERI then approached ATLS subcommittee of the American College of Surgeons who categorically stated it can only be imported by a major surgical group in any countryand takes not less than 5years to accomplish.   

In 2006, ERI signed an MOU with the Nigeria Orthopedic Association (NAO) to jointly work to import the program which ERI should entirely finance.
In 2009, the initial visit by ATLS took place in Lagos at the ERI office. The organizations led by their presidents (Dr. Bob Yellowe for NAO and Dr. Nnamdi Nwauwa for ERI) received the visiting ACS representative Dr. Kanffor. Having certified that the country was ripe and equipped for ATLS, the date for the training of the Nigeria instructors (national faculty) took place in Fujairah Middle East where 6 instructors and the educator were trained along with those of Lebanon who were also on the verge of promulgating ATLS.


The promulgation brought into Nigeria a galaxy of ACS representatives drawn from USA, UK, South Africa, Middle East, numbering about 10.

The promulgation was done between July 10-16, 2010. The visitors were exceptionally treated with Nigerian dishes, dances and watched the memorable world cup finals in a colourful style. The Honorable minister of Health Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu and his permanent secretary were available. Nigerians were so much grateful that after nearly 10years of efforts to import the program, it is finally here with us.

During this inaugural training, the first ATLS instructors were monitored as they taught the first 16 student doctors. The visiting international faculty now certified the national instructors, handed over the nations ATLS chapter certificate signed all the MOUs and declared Nigeria as a member of the ATLS family.

Dr. Nnamdi Nwauwa was made the country’s chair while Dr. Bob yellow was nominated the national course director.
We are grateful to various persons who played significant roles to the realization of this fit.
-    Dr. Amaechi- the NAO president who first received the idea and recommended it to his successor
-    Dr. Eze- the NAO regional chair who first bought the idea from ERI and convinced his national president as above.
-    Dr. O. Odunnubi- the NAO president who ensured the baton handed over to him by Dr. Yellowe did not fall off.
-    Dr. bob Yellowe- the NAO president who received the information from his predecessor Amaechi and concluded the negotiation by signing of the MOUs.
-    Dr. Chinyere Nkele- who connected ERI and NAO and ensured the two agreed to work together until promulgation took place
-    Dr. Nnamdi Nwauwa- the brain behind the importation and promulgation. He is the chairman of ERS group who entirely financed the importation.
-    Members of the NAO executives. This included Dr. Philip Eyimina, Dr. Ogirima, Dr. S.O Giwa etc. these contributed emensely to see that the program was acceptable to the NAO.
-    Dr. Mrs Nwauwa- an executive Director of ERS and contributed so much to encourage ERS to go ahead with the sponsorship and collaboration.

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